Wednesday, November 13, 2013

NanoWrimo 2013

Just realized today that I haven't posted anything in quite a while.  Isn't amazing how when you're zooming along writing everything goes away?  I've had a couple issues, mostly a slow start to the romance on the new story but it is rushing along.  I think it's a good story, although the overall conflict will continue throughout at least another book.  But the romance will be resolved.  I like the characters despite my threats to one to beat him up when he doesn't cooperate but isn't that normal?  Isn't there one that drives you crazy?

We have also been busy with life stuff as well.  We have an inspection for the place we're renting plus news from work that they're closing down my call center.  The company is working with it's employees to find work in other business units but it was a bit of a blow since I love my coworkers.  But the good news is I have time and I want to stay so I think it will work out.

Other good news, past the 25,000 mark on new story, 27, 900 total

Have a great day!