Monday, September 23, 2013

Fiasco and other games

I had a blast this weekend.  We dragged my friend and her visitor as well as her roommate and also my friend out to our gamer buddies.  We had a board game day with all kinds of games.  First, we played Revolution which I did not fare well at.  Then we played a card game while others went walking.  Again, fun.  A break was made for food and when everyone gathered again, the true fun began.

My GM set us up at Fiasco.  It was me, Heather, Leah from Australia, and Cassie, Heather's roommate and Patrick the aforementioned GM.  Now, Fiasco is a cooperative roleplaying game with no GM.  It has settings and dice but you work together to build the relationships.  Everyone is related somehow to someone else and you build on those relationships as well adding in a couple needs.  Cassie was Patrick's grandfather.  Patrick was friends with Heather but it was a thin veneer.  Leah and I knew each other in the past, rivals with a bit of something extra involved but now she had been married and divorced from Heather.  Last, I was Cassie's apprentice.

It was set in China, Medieval China.  And it was a riot.  I  won't give you all the details but suffice to say we had so much fun playing off of each other.  We solved the mystery of Patrick's missing mother who ended up being Leah who was still alive.  She and I had been bandits but she'd run off with the tax collector, Heather.  I needed to get even and boy, did I.  By the end of the game, I died but went down into the legends as the mighty Bandit King (despite Leah being the true brains) and my love for her lived on down the centuries. Cassie died by accidentally eating poison that she had set out for the tax collector.  Patrick was a mighty warrior and I was his father.  It was very tangled and very amusing.  Cassie's character was skimming money off the top on taxes and had hidden it away only to find it stolen.  We all were devilish and it was magnificent!  I definitely want to play again!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Exotic Visitations

Heh, I'm getting fancy with my titles.  And I know, posting again so soon!  I'm just so excited and while talking about writing is cool, I wanted to talk about other stuff for a while. 

Work has been busy.  I tried for an opportunity to move into a Performance Coach position.  There were several good candidates, however, so I did not get the position.  I am disappointed but I will try to see it as an opportunity to work on my writing even more.  I have also been working a lot of projects and doing activities for a committee at work where we send information on our health insurance benefits out to our coworkers.

More exciting and the best news, is we have a visitor from Down Under.  My friend, Heather, no last names here, please!, has a friend who is visiting for a month.  We had a brief visit with her last time she was here but it's a longer visit and more stuff to do.  We have a couple trips planned and other visits so I am really excited about that.  I have to remember to post this so I remember to give out the details after we are done.  Tonight, we are going out to dinner at about the yummiest Asian place ever.  Love the fried rice!  And this weekend, we have board games planned with other friends included.  I like when I can get all the people I like in one room!

More later!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Writing news

Happy days, I have actually managed to remain productive so far this month.  This means I am looking good for the rest of the year.  I have been editing per my critique partner's notes as well as a beta reader.  I do so hope to collect more of those.  If any one has any time and would like to be experimented, cough, cough, I mean volunteer to help out, please let me know! 

I am also busy editing my partners work which involves reading a lot and analyzing a lot.  I had gotten a bit of extracurricular reading in but not the last couple days.  I have discovered I can either read for pleasure or read for writing but not always both on the same day.  So I have been reading my book on self editing. 

What else?  Hmm, work has been busy, the car tried to break itself but I got it fixed with the replacement of a hose.  Games this weekend and more next weekend!

Friday, September 6, 2013

End of Summer News


            I really haven't posted in a while.  It has been a crazy stressful summer.  We did get my husband feeling better.  He's still seeing the doctor but every few months.  We did have a change in our living environment and while I will miss the person involved, I will not miss the drama or the negativity.  That is all I will say online.

          Now on to more fun news!  We went to Vegas again in July.  Yes, I am just getting around to posting anything now.  We got to enjoy the monorail and lots of walking.  Lots and Lots!!!  We also enjoyed the shark reef and the food.  We have plans to go back again, this time a bit fancier and a bit more time so we're not walking so many places all at once. 

           August opened up new opportunities at the day job, so I decided to take a risk and try a possible interim position.  I will have to see if I get it.  Also the month was fantastic in terms of my quality at work and I've got the best month yet as far as doing well at work. 

          It's been crazy, like I said.  We moved and I still am behind in unpacking.  I have been writing every day, a little but not much done editing.  But I did get stuff done on my crit partner's stuff.  I have a new piece to start reading on her work and she has been working on helping me with my Shadow story.  I got back into that today and I hope to have it better polished by the end of September.  We have her friend from Australia coming toward the end of the month though so it will be a busy fun month.  No specifics for now.  I want to have Shadow done, though and work again on Coyote and White Guardian in October for editing.  Then I will spend November writing a new novel, the sequel to Shadow.  So busy, lots of busy.  Keep you all posted as much as I can. 

Have fun!