Monday, September 23, 2013

Fiasco and other games

I had a blast this weekend.  We dragged my friend and her visitor as well as her roommate and also my friend out to our gamer buddies.  We had a board game day with all kinds of games.  First, we played Revolution which I did not fare well at.  Then we played a card game while others went walking.  Again, fun.  A break was made for food and when everyone gathered again, the true fun began.

My GM set us up at Fiasco.  It was me, Heather, Leah from Australia, and Cassie, Heather's roommate and Patrick the aforementioned GM.  Now, Fiasco is a cooperative roleplaying game with no GM.  It has settings and dice but you work together to build the relationships.  Everyone is related somehow to someone else and you build on those relationships as well adding in a couple needs.  Cassie was Patrick's grandfather.  Patrick was friends with Heather but it was a thin veneer.  Leah and I knew each other in the past, rivals with a bit of something extra involved but now she had been married and divorced from Heather.  Last, I was Cassie's apprentice.

It was set in China, Medieval China.  And it was a riot.  I  won't give you all the details but suffice to say we had so much fun playing off of each other.  We solved the mystery of Patrick's missing mother who ended up being Leah who was still alive.  She and I had been bandits but she'd run off with the tax collector, Heather.  I needed to get even and boy, did I.  By the end of the game, I died but went down into the legends as the mighty Bandit King (despite Leah being the true brains) and my love for her lived on down the centuries. Cassie died by accidentally eating poison that she had set out for the tax collector.  Patrick was a mighty warrior and I was his father.  It was very tangled and very amusing.  Cassie's character was skimming money off the top on taxes and had hidden it away only to find it stolen.  We all were devilish and it was magnificent!  I definitely want to play again!