Friday, September 20, 2013

Exotic Visitations

Heh, I'm getting fancy with my titles.  And I know, posting again so soon!  I'm just so excited and while talking about writing is cool, I wanted to talk about other stuff for a while. 

Work has been busy.  I tried for an opportunity to move into a Performance Coach position.  There were several good candidates, however, so I did not get the position.  I am disappointed but I will try to see it as an opportunity to work on my writing even more.  I have also been working a lot of projects and doing activities for a committee at work where we send information on our health insurance benefits out to our coworkers.

More exciting and the best news, is we have a visitor from Down Under.  My friend, Heather, no last names here, please!, has a friend who is visiting for a month.  We had a brief visit with her last time she was here but it's a longer visit and more stuff to do.  We have a couple trips planned and other visits so I am really excited about that.  I have to remember to post this so I remember to give out the details after we are done.  Tonight, we are going out to dinner at about the yummiest Asian place ever.  Love the fried rice!  And this weekend, we have board games planned with other friends included.  I like when I can get all the people I like in one room!

More later!