Friday, September 6, 2013

End of Summer News


            I really haven't posted in a while.  It has been a crazy stressful summer.  We did get my husband feeling better.  He's still seeing the doctor but every few months.  We did have a change in our living environment and while I will miss the person involved, I will not miss the drama or the negativity.  That is all I will say online.

          Now on to more fun news!  We went to Vegas again in July.  Yes, I am just getting around to posting anything now.  We got to enjoy the monorail and lots of walking.  Lots and Lots!!!  We also enjoyed the shark reef and the food.  We have plans to go back again, this time a bit fancier and a bit more time so we're not walking so many places all at once. 

           August opened up new opportunities at the day job, so I decided to take a risk and try a possible interim position.  I will have to see if I get it.  Also the month was fantastic in terms of my quality at work and I've got the best month yet as far as doing well at work. 

          It's been crazy, like I said.  We moved and I still am behind in unpacking.  I have been writing every day, a little but not much done editing.  But I did get stuff done on my crit partner's stuff.  I have a new piece to start reading on her work and she has been working on helping me with my Shadow story.  I got back into that today and I hope to have it better polished by the end of September.  We have her friend from Australia coming toward the end of the month though so it will be a busy fun month.  No specifics for now.  I want to have Shadow done, though and work again on Coyote and White Guardian in October for editing.  Then I will spend November writing a new novel, the sequel to Shadow.  So busy, lots of busy.  Keep you all posted as much as I can. 

Have fun!