Friday, July 20, 2012

Water is a wondrous creation of the universe.  It being the summer, I finally managed to get down to the pool and go swimming.  And luck of all luck, I had to myself for a good 45 minutes before anyone else even came down.  Considering all the kiddies are out of school, this was a miraculous thing.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and plan to go back tomorrow since we have a free weekend, which this year is yet another amazing fact.  As for my writing, having completed and submitted my short story, I gone back to the paranormal romance that I have been playing with.  I've gotten to the fun part, past the introductions, and into the smut. (insert evil grin here)   Since this is really the first story I've had where the romance was the main part of the story, I am struggling a bit with that aspect.  I am realizing that it is not as easy as it sounds to write either romance or the sexual aspects of the story.  My respect goes up vastly for romance writers.  For those of you who think it is easy, let me tell it is not.  It is hard...and yes, that is a pun. :P  But I will do research and continue to tweak it until it is the way I want it.  I like the characters so far and am discovering new things, like how bossy my bottom is....It's amazing how much in charge he wants to be!  I will leave this post on that note and everyone, have a great weekend!

Friday, July 13, 2012

So horribly nervous, I have sent off my short story to Coppercon.  I think I'm more nervous because I have yet to receive a response back from their volunteer email line.  I am hoping they receive my email since the story is due for 7/15.  It's like sending a note into an abyss and hoping you get a response from the dark.


In other notes, it has been crazy today at work and people are strange.  Not only that but strange accounts I don't normally talk to have been calling all day!  Will be so glad to go home.

Little less nervous about the emailing.  I received a confirmation that they received my submission and I will be hearing back.  The guidelines say about two weeks before the convention which would likely be middle to late August.  Whew!  Now to fiddle my fingers while I wait.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

So I have mostly completed my dragon story for Copper Con's short story contest.  I am going over it one more time tomorrow but I do think it's as ready as it can be.  I also volunteered to help with the convention, emailing the volunteer line again.  I hope to be of help and also enjoy the convention, one way or another.  In other news, still writing and busy weekends ahead as well as busy days at work.  We had back to back calls today so not much time but I did get my editing completed and also did a small amount of writing.  Enjoy the day!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A year

It has been a great year and the best part....I've written every day.  A year ago today, I began a promise to write at least a 100 words every day for a hundred days.  I got to a hundred and continued.  Got to 200 and continued.  Now I have been at it for an entire year.  I've finished 4 rough drafts of novels.  I've finished several short stories.  And I think this next year, the focus must be editing.  I've loved writing every day and will continue but now I must finish the task, by polished and shining what I've written until it is the best that it can be and work on getting it submitted and published.  But for now a celebration, a whoo-hoo! for what I have accomplished.  Thanks to my friends who didn't mind me ignoring them and supported me.  Thanks to my husband for encouraging me, even if it was in his own snarky teasing fashion.  Thanks to my family for having faith.  Now the journey continues.