Sunday, July 1, 2012

A year

It has been a great year and the best part....I've written every day.  A year ago today, I began a promise to write at least a 100 words every day for a hundred days.  I got to a hundred and continued.  Got to 200 and continued.  Now I have been at it for an entire year.  I've finished 4 rough drafts of novels.  I've finished several short stories.  And I think this next year, the focus must be editing.  I've loved writing every day and will continue but now I must finish the task, by polished and shining what I've written until it is the best that it can be and work on getting it submitted and published.  But for now a celebration, a whoo-hoo! for what I have accomplished.  Thanks to my friends who didn't mind me ignoring them and supported me.  Thanks to my husband for encouraging me, even if it was in his own snarky teasing fashion.  Thanks to my family for having faith.  Now the journey continues.