Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Writing, work and editing

It is incredibly busy at work, so busy that last week, we almost had no time to breath.  Why do I mention this, you ask?  Because, for the last month, I have been attempting to whittle out time to edit White Guardian.  I feel in my bones that this could be a good story if I could just find the time to work on it and improve it.  I can see many of my flaws as a beginning writer and I have a plan but have been unable to execute it.  I have found little bits of time to write a tiny bit each day but the longer, more involved work still remains tabled.  When it is busy, there is a lack of time to focus, a lack of time to think, which since editing is all about analytical thought instead of pure creative energy equals no editing.  Solution= I am going to have to take the time at home to work on this.  I have vacation at the end of September.  Come hell or high water, this is my editing time.  I can plan 3 whole days to work and at least make some progress.  Here I come!