Friday, December 7, 2012

Conclusion to NanoWrimo

My stories are never done in 50,000 words, never.  That being said, I did complete the goal and my story, tentatively titled Shadow's Bane, is almost done.  Business at work has kept my word count lower as well as a healing finger.  Glue guns and I do not mix is all I will say.  The conclusion which includes a final confrontation with the bad guy who will be defeated has yet to be written.  I am setting up those chapters and I hope to be have it completed by the end of the year at most.  I just have to keep my inner editor turned off because I keep thinking of things that could use tweeking, deepening the relationship in the beginning, more time in the cells before they escape, clearer time line, and better descriptions.  But having said this, the pacing is much better and I like my characters better than most of my other stories except one.  And I think it is better written.  I have more tools in the toolbox, I just need to keep adding to the tools to improve my writing.