Friday, November 23, 2012

Update on ShadowBane

So first, it is now Shadow's Bane.  Heh, heh, my husband somehow triggered this one.  I like it better, a bit more evocative of a romance.  I now have the rest of the story plotted out and just have to write it.  I am up past 40,000 and wrote 3,000 words today.  Work is very slow the day after Thanksgiving.  I would likely have written more but I had multiple side by sides for people interested in a job position on my team.  I actually didn't mind, I had time to let the plot percolate.  I am so excited that it is coming together so well and I can see potential for more stories depending on how well I flesh out minor characters in revision.  I have my best pacing ever, although I still need to tweek some of the pace of the relationship.  I think it moves a bit fast in the beginning but I might check out other authors just to see if I'm right about that or not.  I love the twists and turns it has taken.  I can't wait to have it finished and then give it to people to read.