Thursday, November 1, 2012

NanoWrimo first day

Today was rough.  I don't know if I had stage fright or what but I had a difficult time beginning this morning on the new story.  My character kept wanting to talk about things that didn't need to be in the story, at least not yet.  I wanted to start with action.  Then I saved the file....but not to the flash drive but to the desk top....I got to work only to find out it was at home.  I think this was my blessing in disguise because I started over and it began where I felt it needed to and my character began talking about the present....I wrote 1,718 words for the first day and I am more excited than ever.  I even managed to end so that tomorrow will be the beginning of a new story.  Next up...Aiden and Ebon meet.  What will they think of each other, these two enemies?