Monday, November 5, 2012

Nano News

Today was rough, not because the characters were not talking, they were.  They kept up the tapping in my brain all day long.  But work was busy and I had little time for writing.  I only got in about a bit over 700 words today and the chapter is still too long.  It looks like a good place to end it but in comparison to the other chapters it is at least a page short.  So I either need to fill in some detail or continue with a bit more.  I look at it in the morning and see if my unconscious sleeping brain has made a decision.  Sometimes for me, sleeping on it really does help.  I am over the word count for NanoWrimo but only because I wrote a bunch yesterday.  I am hoping to get a lot done tomorrow since I will write in the morning and am also heading out to a write in in the evening.  Probably the only one I am likely to make since I don't like to abandon my husband too often.  :)  I actually have limited time and don't like to lose the time with him.  Crossing my fingers that the writing continues to gell so well because so far it has gone fairly well aside from today.