Thursday, March 21, 2013


I am working furiously on revisions for chapter one of the current WIP or work in progress for my non writer friends.  What that means is I am deleting the extra fluff I don't need and adding in more detail on the character, transplanting crucial information from the 2nd chapter into the first because it is more important to have in the beginning, and adding detail to my descriptions.  I feel like it's more solid but I will have to have a another person read it for me to be sure.  Thankfully, I have a writer friend or two who are willing to take the time to check it over.  Next, I have to reprint the entire novel and go over it another time to check for the voice and flow of the story, check for more revisions that need to be done, and generally just give it one more look to ensure I don't have any grammar or spelling errors.  I also think the ending needs to be tweeked.  It seems a bit too easy and needs to be concentrated more on the main character and I'm not sure I carried that over as well as I wanted.  Still, maybe in a couple more months, this work that has taken me years....might actually be done.