Thursday, April 11, 2013

Work in progress Coyote Weavings

This week I am working on revisions or should I make that still?  I am about half way through and should be finished I hope by next week.  I will still need to add in a layer of quotes for the character that references movies, not my skill area so I have to look up one for each time he makes a quote but I have marked out, rather like a map, where each one is.  And my critique partner/beta reader read the first "chapter" and only found one thing to comment on and since she is a much better writer than me, that actually makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and accomplished.  Yes, I know, too many ands but this is my place to be a bit informal.  I am also loving how the voice of one of the other minor character's is working now that I've made some changes.  Once I am done with what I think needs to be done then it will be time to hand it over to people and see what they think.  And likely wash, rinse, repeat.    But it's closer.