Friday, April 19, 2013


I really shouldn't do it.  I should be working and I will be tonight but instead of working today during the quiet times at work, I have been slacking off.  I am delaying the inevitable, the rewrite of the ending of Coyote.  Once I complete that, I will have no choice but to give it to people to read and find out if it works or if all my hard work is lacking, whether I will have to do more rewrites and more revisions and just more and I really, really, really want to this story finished, ready for readers and if I have to work more to get it there, then I don't really mind, I just hope, hope that it can be what it needs to be, hope that someone will like it and want to read it.  As much as I enjoyed writing it.  So I will be done with slacking tonight but for now, just a little bit more, so I enjoy the quiet, enjoy not knowing, bury my head in the sand for a tiny bit more.